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Mistress Rachel and Mistress Karma make a killer team as they use sturdy submissive marco for 50 minutes. They circle and deliver some dual corporeal punishment as Rachel's strap-on dangles obscenely between Her legs. It comes to good use as Mistress Karma fucks it over marco's face after they beat him and squirts an enormous amount of juice on his face when She orgasms. Mistress Karma fucks him with no mercy and then they face sits him as Rachel Steele tugs his cock.

Mistress Rachel and Mistress Karma circle marco who is bound to the red kneeler. Mistress Rachel wears a big strap-on that dangles obscenely between Her legs They have heavy leather straps and strike him countless times until his ass cheeks are inflamed. Switching to wooden paddles, they circle him like little sharks on their high heels and alternate striking his helpless derriere until it is beat red. Virtually no talking in this scene. Actions speaking louder than words.

The two Ladies conclude their corporeal punishment and amp up the impact until marco can take no more and is shrieking with pain. Marco is then positioned bound so his head is resting back between Rachel's legs and Karma swings up on it and mounts the big rubber cock. She is a squirter and Her pussy does not disappoint. She climaxes hard and Her squirt gushes all over marco's face. She dismounts after a last hug from Mistress Rachel and has marco lick Her pussy clean of all the juices.

The Ladies have marco bent and strapped to the red kneeler, his face still wet from Mistress Karm's squirt. She is wearing the big dildo that Mistress Rachel used to fuck the squirt out of Her pussy hole and now She is leaning in and opening up marco's asshole with it. She starts to slowly fuck him as She knows he will be taking Her giant cock for some time. Mistress Rachel amuses Herself in the front, making marco worship Her breasts as Her partner fucks him deeper with long sensuous strokes. Mistress Rachel spreads Her legs and locks his face in Her pussy and humiliates and makes fun of him as he begins to scream from the fucking.

Mistress Karma is astride marco as he lays on his back fastened to the bench. Mistress Rachel has a big dildo and begins to push it into Her. Mistress Rachel knows how to use it and fucks Karma hard, up to the rubber balls, as Her pussy clenches around the dense rubber. She screams and Her pussy begins to squirt again, right on marco's face. They make him lick through his bit gag the cum from Her pussy and then Mistress Karma face sits him as Mistress Rachel moves to tease and pull on his cock.

Star(s): Slave Marco, Rachel Steele

Category: BDSM, Threesomes, Brunettes, Amateur

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