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Whale Watching #7
Studio: Rodnievision (Rodney Moore)

The Cabbie: Rodney hails a cab to get back to his studio and is surprised to see that the driver is a massive woman in fishnets. Not only does he masturbates in the back seat, but talks her into coming up to his studio for a sexy photo shoot.

Slave Dawn: Dawn comes over to look at a couch for sale and Rodney notices that not only are her stockings torn, but her big titties seem to want to burst out of her shirt. Upon closer inspection, he notices she is wearing some S&M gear under her clothes. It turns out she's a slave girl and does anything her Master says.

Demons and Dildos: April is a chunky Dom with a need to exorcise some personal demons. These demons take the form of bound-up Slave Girls. She whips their asses and smacks their nipples. Then she makes them suck her big blue dildo.

Big, Bound & Boned: Rodney is a big fan of Kelly Shibari and stops by to get an autograph. It turns out that her crew took off for lunch and left her bound. She obliges him anyway but then is shocked to see him start to jerk off.

Slave to Cock and Cum: Anna is Rodney's Slave, bound and kneeling, waiting to be punished. She loves to have her massive melons whipped and spanked. She loves to be teased with his cock, and then set free to suck it down and worship it. When she's a good Cock Slut, he rewards her with a Rodney Blast for her to lap up.


Category: BDSM, Fetisch, BBW

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