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Bend Over Babes 7 (Disc 1)
Studio: Buttman

Special 2-Disc Set. Buttman's Bend Over Babes 7 is a brand new release that follows John Stagliano's globe-trotting voyage of perversion across nine time zones over three continents in five far-flung cities, only to reveal that the most exotic location of all is the imagination of the Buttman. Clocking in at an impressive five-plus hours (and not a minute wasted), BOB7 opens with a bang: Russian bombshell Mandy Dee's curvaceous body getting frisked by the trademark close-up Buttman camera. Stagliano gasps while speaking to her in the inimitable Buttman language: a rapid but hushed tone that proves he's just as excited today as he was 20 years ago when he took the porn world by storm with the original The Adventures of Buttman. Not one to rest on laurels, Buttman's 2010 submissions explore new territory in fetish-driven encounters with carefully orchestrated preludes featuring a new breed of gonzo-girl like Mandy flaunting her tits and skillfully gaping her ass with aplomb for ass-lover Jazz Duro, or submissive slut Charlotte Vale, who can handle real rough play and dangerously daring devices. Stagliano's travels include a tough tango in his Parisian suite with French femme Shannya Tweeks, whose rainy day romp with Mike Angelo is at once sadistic and sensual. Back in America, Southern tart Alexia surrenders to a pussy pounding by muscular J Mac. Much farther South, Brazil's Jessica Taylor, an Amazonian, tall stunner, treats Roge to a tryst made magical by Buttman's attention to detail: The camera is literally laid next to her face to intimately reveal her sensual delight as she succumbs to newfound anal-erotic pleasure. This is what makes a Stagliano gonzo so special: The undisturbed connection between performer and director, a bond that transcends the sexual pretense of so much of today's porn and instead merges real lust and art into something genuine that can't be faked. Fans of real gonzo know what it is, and they get plenty of it in Buttman's Bend Over Babes 7. The disc includes behind-the-scenes footage, photo galleries, cumshot recap, cast list, filmographies, director biography, and trailers.

Scene 1: John Stagliano opens the scene in his Berlin hotel room with an uber-closeup of Russian blonde bombshell Mandy Dee's crotch and boobs. She's fully clothed, but her spandex tight white pants and form-fitting sheer T-shirt give us a sneak peek at the shapely pussy lips and protruding nipples trying to escape like refugees over Berlin's famous wall. Buttman coaxes her into a variety of poses, leading to a deliberate strip search and one of his newer interrogation techniques: Clothespins clamped on her gorgeous, big tits and nipples. The arrival of Jazz Duro is a welcome sight because at this point we're ready to have Mandy reveal all her skills, including deep throat, face sitting, a variety of fuck positions, and a not-to-be-missed reverse cowgirl ride that shows off Mandy's perfect natural tits bouncing around, swaying to and fro, all for the delight of tit-loving gonzo fans. There's a slurping cock-suck for Jazz (whose hard-on has now been clamped by the clothespins) and finally a doggie-style anal insertion that gives us a clear look at her smooth asshole getting slowly penetrated while she turns to camera and lets you see her pretty face, all in the same frame. Travel alert: Berlin has an ATM (ass-to-mouth) located in Buttman's room. An indecisive Jazz can't decide if he prefers to have his cock in her slick ass or her warm mouth. He settles in the middle by tit fucking and cumming on her fleshy boobs, leaving us with a vision of a naked Mandy still quivering with shiny Jazz jizz decorating her chest and chin.

Scene 2: Jessica Taylor is the first landmark Buttman discovers while strolling through the park in Sao Paolo, Brazil. With a hybrid of English and his rudimentary knowledge of Portuguese, he invites her to his hotel for some paid "sexy modeling" work. Once in his lair, they conduct some business and he removes her modest jogging suit that was hiding a spectacular body. Soon Jessica is modeling some sexier slut-wear that Buttman happens to have in his luggage, but this is just a short interlude as she's quickly naked and spreading her pussy lips and ass cheeks, proving that she has a beginner's gape-ability. Buttman has a chrome butt plug in his bag o' tricks which Jessica ably inserts and even holds in while she answers the door for the arrival of a very lucky Roge. The butt plug exploratory continues and soon Jessica is lustfully sucking on it. Meanwhile Buttman notices that her toes are a foot man's dream. We're treated to some fetishy foot-worship before Jessica and Roge get down to Southern hemisphere hi-jinks. She sucks him deep and wet to lube his cock for a buns-up, face-down pounding fuck. At this point she's relaxed enough for both her pussy and ass to gape simultaneously. Buttman's camera pays close attention to Jessica's face to give us a sense of her every feeling while Roge thrusts his cock into her spit-lubed asshole. Our Brazilian fuckers are speaking in tongues now, but we know what they're saying. Roge almost comes out of his skin when Jessica yanks a projectile cum shot right out of his North-pointing cock, straight into the air and in her open, waiting mouth. The green-eyed brunette beauty shows off the sticky reward like a proud conquistadora.

Scene 3: American blonde cutie Alexia Sky is the Florida landlady showing Buttman and his friend J Mac the property he's renting for his stay in the Sunshine State. Our little pixie from Dixie is no bimbo: She knows full well who Buttman is and her ambition is to sell him that house. She's dressed like a slutty co-ed on spring break, which she explains is part of her sales strategy. The two guys put her through paces to show off her bubble-butt, which is pouring out of her ultra low-cut, painted-on jeans. Alexia is no match for the fast talking Buttman. Before long she's agreed to be in a Buttman movie without even getting a firm commitment on the deal. In fact, all she gets is a firm spanking and an even firmer cock. For his part, J Mac is proof that they grow 'em big down South. Buttman perfectly captures contrast between Alexia's tiny thin body and J Mac's muscles when she rides his cock cowgirl style and her ass spreads so wide that her little butthole puckers out. J Mac proceeds to fuck her in a slew of positions, yanking her around like a squealing, little sex toy, alternately spanking her ass, gaping her pussy and finally leaving her with tousled hair, runny make-up and a cum-dripping face and mouth. The director has obviously done well over the years... He agrees to buy the house as Alexia's reward for service to J Mac and Buttman viewers.

Scene 4: Charlotte Vale arrives for her scene at Buttman's beachfront studio workshop in a silky emerald green dress that highlights her big, round ass. The camera follows her ass upstairs to the toy room (Buttman toys aren't for amateurs), where she poses some more before obliging the director with an ass wiggling dance shot from the oft-imitated but never replicated camera angles one expects in a Buttman movie. Her natural tits are soon exposed, revealing dual nipple piercings and her obvious delight at fondling and squeezing her own breasts for the camera. A few spanks on her tightly covered ass reveal that Ms. Vale appreciates a little discipline and a dose of tough love. She came to the right place! Things take a decidedly kinky turn as Charlotte wedges her undies snugly in her pierced pussy lips and then puckers her asshole for our close-up inspection. Soon she's inserting two rippled, shiny glass butt plugs (sizes small and "wow-that's big") in her highly elastic ass opening. Buttman invites Charlotte back upstairs for a "surprise," namely a waiting James Deen, who must be overjoyed to have a fully prepped, insanely horny, cock-hungry submissive slut hand-delivered for his whims. He starts by holding her throat while spanking her pussy in a display of alpha-male prowess that drives Charlotte wild. We hear the waves crashing below as James crashes his willing whore with aggressive face-slapping, more spanking, pile-driving pussy fucking, intense, deep anal-thrusting, hair-pulling, gag-inducing face-fucking and finally a post-ejaculation cramming of the cock in Charlotte's suffocating face while her eyes bulge out and her cheeks turn flush-red. Did she enjoy herself? Probably, but frankly, Charlotte, we don't give a damn!

Scene 5: A balcony in Paris opens up to display the Eiffel Tower and the ancient rooftops on a rainy day that sets the mood for a torrid tango between sinewy Shannya Tweeks and fellow Frenchman Mike Angelo. Buttman's background narration is quickly silenced when he realizes he's about to witness a seriously intense sex act between hyper-aggressive Mike and a defiant Shannya, who seems to be daring him to ratchet up the force. There's no gentle build-up here since these two go from 0-90 in about two seconds flat. The scene has barely begun when Shannya is having her mouth packed full of hard cock in some kind of race to instant gag; her hair is being pulled hard, her tormentor is slapping her face while barking instructions in French and yet she smiles at him as if she just won the French Fucking Lottery! The break-neck speed sex continues as Mr. Angelo spreads her ass checks and plunges into her butt tunnel with a breathtaking combination of speed and torque that could win a Grand Prix. This encounter is unusual for a Buttman scene because the two performers bring an energy (something like two angry lovers in a grudge-fuck on steroids) that wouldn't be enhanced by the director's participation, which is the hallmark of most Buttman scenes. Showing his judgment as a director, Stagliano has the restraint to dispense with his usual palette and instead take his little camera and document this encounter for what it is, a slice of hard sex reality that one imagines is usually the province of the players alone. In some twisted turn on libido road, Mike fingers Shannya's pussy and ass with one hand while shoving his fist down her throat with the other, inciting some kind of manhandled squirting orgasm. Buttman briefly returns to the action to assist Mike in the application of clothespins and hair clamps to Shannya's legs and pussy lips... Perhaps they feared that she had lost all sensation and had been fucked into a state of numbness that required new sensations. An already spent Shannya practically goes limp like an Apache dancer, so Mike can continue his tour de force, fucking every orifice on Shannya's body in a feat of sexual athletics that leaves one marveling at his strength and her endurance. At last, as just "desserts" for her compliance, Mike rewards Shannya with a generous dollop of creme brulee in a cum- and cock-choking finale. Buttman, rarely speechless, can only mutter a whispered monotone "thanks" as he bids these two adieu. He probably gathered up the taped evidence, packed his bags and left town on the first flight out.

Star(s): James Dean, Jazz Duro, Alexia Sky, Mike Angelo, Charlotte Vale, Jessica Taylor

Category: Anale Spiele, Mann auf Frau, Dicke Ärsche, Analsex

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