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Twice As Bad
Studio: Lakeview Entertainment

Watch a 48 minute exercise in sadism as Mistress Lia shows Her mean streak while Her young protege Mistress Monica delights in Her new found dominance. The Ladies enjoy spanking, tongue service and give slave Spartacus his monthly milking, extracting a huge load onto Mistress Lia's breasts. They then take him from behind and, since he had his prostate drained, it seemed twice as bad then if he had been more horny.

Tall platinum blonde Mistress Lia watched with a sneer on Her face as Her slave stroked his cock for Her. She ordered him to lay over Her lap and hump Her thigh high black patent leather boots as She spanked his ass red. Pushing him away She saw his dick ooze on the inside of Her boots and had him lick his pre-cum off as She played with Her pussy. She fed him pussy juice from Her fingers and had an orgasm as he provided tongue service to Her clit. Mistress Monica entered and they both laughed at the slave and told him to play with his cock then he got over Her lap.

Mistress Lia, positioned in front of slave Spartacus removed Her panties and put them over his head as he ate Her pussy. Mistress Monica occupied Herself spanking his ass and laughing. She pushed the slave off and he had oozed on Her stocking tops so they had him move his head between Her legs to clean the stockings and Her young pussy as Mistress Lia sat on his back. They ordered him to his stool to stroke himself and beg them to ball kick him. He worshiped Mistress Monica's ass as he was kicked from behind and then Mistress Lia stood on his hands and he took kicks on his back.

The two Ladies ball busted slave Spartacus without mercy. They ordered him to his feet and took turns kicking him between his legs. He kept his hands on his head as the ladies swung boots and high heels into his sensitive balls and stiff cock. They told him it was time for his monthly milking and then they were going to ass fuck him after his prostate had been drained of fluid and that it would hurt twice as bad after he had ejaculated. Mistress Lia removed Her black bra and they told him he would be milked onto Her big natural breasts. Mistress Monica stood and seized his cock, stroking hard.

The stiff dicked slave stood in front of Mistress Lia and the Ladies took turns storking his cock, red and sore from the kickings they had inflicted. Mistress Monica moved behind Mistress Lia to hold Her breasts together and Mistress Lia's talented hand extracted an enormous amount of white jism right between Her breasts. She milked every last drop out and then they ordered him to lick up his spew. He was then placed over the horse and Mistress Lia took him from behind to make him pay for his pleasure as Her partner raised Her high heel and ordered him to lick the bottom clean.

Mistress Lia took slave Spartacus from behind and Mistress Monica turned so he could worship Her ass. Mistress Lia fucked him hard as Mistress Monica laughed with glee. She turned and whipped slave Spartacus as he was butt fucked. Wanting Her turn, Mistress Monica strode behind and impaled Herself in his backside. Mistress Lia had him tongue the bottom of both Her boots cleaned as Her partner busied Herself behind him. Mistress Lia fingered Herself to orgasm and then stood so slave could lick Her pussy juice clean as Mistress Monica continued to bury Her strap-on in his ass.

Star(s): Mistress Lia, Mistress Monica

Category: BDSM, Amateur, Threesomes - FFM

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