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Too Big For Teens 2
Studio: Reality Junkies

Chris the mechanic fixed Ally's car, but what she was not expecting was the price of the repair. Ally is smart though she bartered her pussy for the car repair.

Eden has a big crush on a dreamy basketball player named Chris. She decides to play a little game of horse and whoever wins get to fuck her.

Mindy orders pizza from Jack, but realizes she doesn't have cash, only credit cards. The only credit that Jack takes is one that involves bumping uglies.

Missy is tired of John always playing video games... She convinces him that scoring with her is better than scoring on the TV screen.

Misty, like all teen girls, wants a cute little tattoo. She goes down to Joey's tattoo studio only to get scared of the needle. Joey comforts her with his own fleshy needle.

Star(s): Missy Stone, Misty RIvers, Eden Adams

Category: Facials, Abspritzen & anspritzen, Teens, Big Cocks, Teens / Young Women

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